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Brittany Serio
Naila B. Irfan
Best!!!! I love it and my nails looks perfect the way I want it and Linda does my nails and she does a good job every time she does my nails.
Laura Dykes
Always a good pedicure! They take their time and do a great job!!
Rachel Marie Kantner
Sharon Thompson Fracasse
Terry Hartlove
Nichole Kreatschman
Ken did an awesome job. I was very happy pleased. The place is very clean and beautifully decorated.
Tanya C.
Pasadena, MD
Love this place! Excellent, prompt service. The staff is very friendly and professional. The spa pedicure is incredible for the price and the paraffin wax treatment is a great bonus. Waxing services are very good too!
Tiffany C.
Arnold, MD
Today was my first time here and I was pleased with my service! I got a gel fill, it was $35 which is about what I pay at other places. Vivian was my nail technician and she did a great job. She was very polite and patient. She took her time but she wasn't too slow at doing my nails either. I was in and out of there in about 30 minutes. Some places charge extra for cut downs, and today I was happy to not be charged for something as simple as drilling your nail down a little bit. I would go back here again.
Kathleen Burnett
Living in the area, I went here thinking ok I will give it a try, that was almost a year ago and I have been going back since. I have even told two friends about Nail Dimensions and they are going here now too. I have never been turned away and having a really crazy schedule that doesn't allow for appointments. I have to squeeze the time in to get my toes done. If you are looking for a nice place that you can get in and out of, this is your place.
Người dùng Google
I get my nails done by Kevin and my sister goes to Vivian. When you make an appointment they make sure not to make you wait around for them to take care of walk-ins. They have a great selection of powders for you full set and care about how your nails turn out. I am always happy with my nails when I leave my appointment!
Người dùng Google
Vivian is amazing! She does the best nails!
Người dùng Google
New Owners!! Vivian & Kevin are back!!
Jessica Burgess
They are so friendly and fast. I walked in at 6 PM and asked to get a pedicure. They pulled the tools out of a sealed bag and everything. He took his time to get the ingrown toe nails out and didn't hurt me. He used sugar scrub on my legs and a hot towel!! You don't see that much anymore. I ended up getting a gel manicure and an awesome pedicure and was done by 6:25PM. It's worth every penny especially when it comes to customer service and cleanliness.

Thank you Nail Dimensions!!!!
Mary Hiill
I really enjoy the atmosphere and staff that work there are polite and courteous. They all seem to follow a set procedure and you get a great level of service every time regardless of which technician.

They appear to always have an adaquate amount of staff and rarely do I wait more than a few minutes.

I also like how when getting a pedicure that the utensils come out of a sealed bag.
Elizabeth Engel Fletcher
The best pedicure in the Glenn Burnie/Pasadena area.
Mandi Stein Ford
Vivian is the best!! She does great gel nails, pedicures, and eyebrows.
Tabatha Herrin
Love this place! The people are super sweet and take there time on you.. Even if there is a big wait!
Christine McDermott
Vivian is the best!! :-) I am so glad I found her!!
Kim DeGrouchy Lewis
Ann and Sue are the best techs. They make you feel welcomed and know what they are doing.
Kirstin Northcraft
I am 9 months pregnant and I was looking for some relaxation. Susan was wonderful, polite, and really took her time. I truly got spa treatment and will never go anywhere else for a pedicure! Thank you!
Juli B.
Halethorpe, MD
I splurged on myself, l don't do nail salons, due to one bad incident a few years back. I have a gel polish system at home with gelish, OPI, Orly and nail bliss. Guess what it doesn't last long either, so I don't do gel polish, to pay and last five days it's a waste. However, l needed a pedicure, badly, so I took a chance.. Best decision, the technician asked basic or deluxe, the difference, more scrubbing and moisturizing, little more. I went with the deluxe, the pedicure took over an hour, was not rushed what so ever. My feet were soaked, scrubbed, trimmed, filed, l swear there might of been a cheese grater involved for dead skin removal, soaked more, scrubbed, then they put each foot into warm parrifin. My legs were then slathered with rich, thick creme and wrapped in hot towels. After ten minutes, then everything came off, more scrubbing and trimming and moisturizer. Here's the most important part, those trimmers and instruments used for the pedicure were sanitized and clean. I watched each technician open the bags in front of me, not open some random drawer and leave me question has that been used before? The place is invited and clean,the technicians really do a very good and throughout job. Use common sense, don't want a rushed feeling, go late in the afternoon, l went in on a Saturday about 4pm.
JoAnn Cotham-Baker.
Love this place! They do a wonderful job.
Pat Adams.
Pedicures with Ken are the best!
Mandi Stein Ford.
Vivian is the best!! She does great gel nails, pedicures, and eyebrows.
Elizabeth Engel Fletcher.
The best pedicure in the Glenn Burnie/Pasadena area.
Katie Rose.
had a great first experience there! :)
Brandy Hood.
Love this place, won't go anywhere else
Marguerite Christina Doyle Montgomery.
They do the BEST gel nails!
Jaron Rice.
Nice, clean, comfortable chairs, and the price was reasonable. I'm new to Pasadena, but I think I've found my new nail spot.
I just love this place so much that i have to write this review .....first they offered me a drink soda and water. the tools they use are senitize and the place was soooo clean and had a spa like atmosphere....Highly recommend